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FHP Sponsor Membership

FHP was developed to assist and inform people in need of medicinal use, services, and products created around the cannabis plant. We want all viewers to visit FHP because they trust that all our information and Sponsor Members genuinely care about.

Our focus is to create an authentic cannabis cultural hub and with the combined efforts of our Sponsor Members, we will set a new standard of how cannabis-related businesses and organizations will be represented.

For this reason, our Sponsor Members are very important to us for their contribution and participation in helping to structure this community with camaraderie, belonging and support.

We, at FHP, promise to represent all Sponsor Members in a visually engaging and positive image of their business and organization. In return, we ask that all our potential Sponsor Members are committed to support our mission and providing ethical business services and products.

Become an official FHP Sponsor Member

FHP Sponsor Member requires a personal invitation from an existing FHP member or recruiter. If you believe your company shares a similar frequency or mission statement as us, please fill out the Sponsor Membership form below. All new applicants will be reviewed by our International FHP Committee of Trustees.

As a Sponsor Member, your sponsorship donation keeps our community private, tightly-knit, and free of low-vibrational content while offering incredible benefits and value for the people.

Sponsor Member donations will also include donations to people in need of medicinal cannabis.

By joining our community, it means your intention, along with our efforts, will collectively help transform our cannabis industry’s image into a honorable and amazing community, as it should be.

Please fill out the form below to become an official FHP Sponsor Member:

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